My name is Iva, the youngest member of family Raič

We live in Croatia where our kennel is settled. I’m veterinarian and since I know for myself I have dogs. My first dog arrived when I was 3 yrs old…Rea was red cocker spaniel-long eared puppy from my dreams. Unfortunately she passed away too early but she left deep impression in our hearts.

In 2001 my first show cocker Holly arrived and that’s the year when everything started seriously with breed. My second passion is one special breed: Grand Basset Griffon Vendeens,”weird cockers” as some of my friends say. Aperitif was our first GBGV, one of my favorite dogs ever, accidentally he passed away on August 13th 2006.

Our whole family is involved in dogs and each of us is doing something to make is better, mom is the best nutricionist for dogs, while my brother, he is the best in socialising puppies in caffe bar’s and in the city, also, when we’re at shows, he is the best one to keep an eye on puppies and other dogs. I do groom and prepare dogs, walkings and trainings is my part too. Having dogs and breeding them is something that we enjoy a lot, we dont have many dogs, and many litters, just, when we want to improve breeding more and keep promising puppy for future.

Yours, Iva